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Hancox Kennels are proud to offer high class, British made kennelling solutions. As a traditional, family owned and managed, manufacturing company we care about the details, providing practical, beautiful kennels.

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The Henley Kennel

The Henley was our first kennel design, created in response to not being able to find a suitable kennel for our own dog. We felt that other dog owners would also be looking for a higher specification of kennel and so it has proved.

As a Hancox kennel the Henley is designed & crafted to meet the needs of your dogs. Furthermore, through the careful selection of highly durable and aesthetically pleasing materials, the Henley is both practical and attractive.

The Henley Kennel is a perfect space for dogs and the perfect addition to any property, available as a single or larger unit depending on your requirements.

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The Henley Combination Kennel

The Henley Combination Kennel is an attractive, practical arrangement for dog breeding or extra storage. The clever design creates a large storage area, accessed through a high-quality, steel-framed, lockable door. For dog breeders this area can easily be adapted to provide a whelping box or storage/working space.

After a litter is born, a bitch faces the onslaught of hungry, eager pups. They need wriggle-space and she deserves all the comfort you can provide. When such an accessible, premier quality environment is precisely what you demand, the Henley Combination Kennel offers it all.

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If you would like to order your new kennel or you would like any further information or advice on our kennels range, please contact us, we are always happy to help.

The lead times for our kennels do vary but we would anticipate being able to deliver your kennel within 5 – 7 weeks.

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